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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Brakes, Suspension & Wheels

Need some proper braking?
The 200 series has assisted brakes and stops like any modern car, quickly and safely. Need some new brake pads? EBC make some fast stopping green stuff for the W114/W115 discs stocked at Need for Speed
EBC Green Stuff brake pads
EBC also make some regular Black Stuff pads for the W115, supplied by Need For Speed
EBC Black Stuff
EBC also make replacement discs to complement their pads and they have a wide selection for most if not all the 200 series W115 models, again stocked at Need for Speed in pairs, so good value.
EBC brake discs
Black Diamond make Predator pads to fit, supplied by Need for Speed
Black Diamond Predator rear pads
Black Diamond also make some performance brake discs, if you want upgraded braking for your 200. Need for Speed stock the rear disc in pairs.
Black Diamond rear disc
Need for Speed also stock 2 types of Tarox performance discs, sold in pairs, so quite good value, though only for the 240D it seems, but I'll find out if they fit other models
Tarox G88 grooved brake discs pair
Tarox Sport Japan brake discs pair

Mercedes still stock all the OEM parts for W114/W115 models, but if you want something a bit more special, you can usually find it. Spax manufacture an adjustable shock absorber to vary the rebound and damp for W114/W115 200 series models and Need for Speed stock them at a great price
Spax adjustable shocks
I am about to fit a similar set of KYB Adjustable Gas Shocks on the front of the 220, in an effort to tighten the front suspension a little without the expense of getting new springs, in which case I'd rather replace most of the suspension components, as the rubber bushings are close to perishing and the undercarriage components need restoring or replacing.
These came new with the car when I bought it, so I presume they can be found in most auto factor places, about £40 each.

Replacement springs I have found manufactured by a Swedish company called Lesjofors and are stocked by most autofactor places.
The Lesjofors part numbers are:
Front: 4056804
Rear: 4256801
If anyone knows of other suitable springs or shocks, please feel free to add a comment below or email me.


Blogger supermaine said...

What are adjustable
shocks for? What are its benefits?

3:01 am  
Blogger LoZiSung said...

Adjustable shock absorbers allow you to vary the rate of rebound and damping the shock absorbers provide, so you can have a softer, more absorbent ride, or a firmer, tighter ride for sportier driving.

11:31 am  

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